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August 16, 2011

Dear Dan’s Papers,
I would like to let your sales department know that I searched for a roofer, made calls, none showed up. I was reading Dan’s Papers and came across an outstanding full-page ad that caught my eye, detailing all phases of roof repairs, siding specialists, home improvement and general construction. It is called Line Roofing & Siding Co.

I have a flat roof, with minor leaks that were becoming major leaks in my basement near my boiler and in my bedroom. I placed a call to Line Roofing & Siding Co., thinking this is just going to be another “No-Show”. It wasn’t, the owner showed up, with a neat and clean white van, went up on the roof, explained to me what was going on, and what needed to be done. He took some photos for me to see what was lurking up there, and what had to be done was a new roof or a quick repair.

He came back two days later with two estimates in a folder, (I was impressed), both were affordable. We went over the entire job, I decided that the roof was 22 years old, and it really needed to be replaced, he agreed. This is the best part, two days later, Line Roofing’s crew showed up with him, and they got started. The job was done in 3 ½ days, complete with a membrane finish…Done!

Thank you Felix of Line Roofing & Siding for taking on and finishing the job so quickly. It was neat and clean, everything swept, blown and picked up around the area… The biggest test was the torrential rain that we just had, almost three inches…it poured. No leaks, anywhere…thanks to you Line Roofing. I would have had such a mess had you not done that job so quickly. I would go over and beyond to recommend Line Roofing & Siding, who I felt went over and above the call of duty…and most of all, very honest and reliable. I would also like to nominate Line Roofing & Siding Co., for the Dan’s Papers “Best of the Best” award that is coming up soon.

Thank you.
Maria T.
Sag Harbor